30 June 2010

Yorkshire folk in Dunwich Benevolent Asylum

Here are the names of 44 Yorkshire folk who were admitted to Dunwich Benevolent Asylum (Queensland, Australia) between 1882 and 1905. I'm sure there were many others. These are just the ones I noticed while using the records (which are at Queensland State Archives). Abbreviations: b.=born; YKS=Yorkshire. Warning! There are many spelling variants/errors in the original records.

APPLEYARD Richard, b. Leeds
BAILEY Samuel, b. West Riding
BEEVERS William, b. YKS
BINNINGTON John, b. Hull
BOOTH John Joseph, b. YKS
BROCKETT John, b. Whitby
BROWN Henry Archibald, b. Hull
BROWN Thomas Ellison, b. Hull
BURROWES Horatio, b. Bradford
CHADWICK James Machen, b. Rotherham
CLEARY Patrick, b. YKS
CLEGG John, b. YKS
COYNE John, b. Hull
CRAPPER William, b. Halifax
DAWSON William, b. Yedden
DEAN Joseph, b. Halifax
DENBIGH Richard, b. Bradford
DINSDALE James, b. Thirsk
ETHERINGTON George Pearson, b. Hull
EVERETT John Richard, b. Leeds
FULLER George, b. YKS
GARDINER Joseph, b. Whitby
GILL George, b. YKS
HALL William, b. Mask
HARLAND William, b. YKS
HARTRIDGE Robert, b. Dewsbury
HOLLINGDRAKE Binns, born Cunningworth
KENDAL Joseph (see KENDEL)
KENDEL Joseph (or KENDAL), b. Thorn
LLOYD William, b. Hull
OVEREND Thomas, b. Kilwick
PARKINSON Henry, b. Adwick Le Street
PARRY John Jones, b. Halifax
PIERCY John, b. Beverley
POLLARD James, b. Gisbourne
SADLER Frederick, b. Thirsk
SHEPHERD Thomas, b. Langton
SMITH William, b. Keithler
STEVENSON Thomas, b. Grimesthorpe
STOTT Thomas Dean, b. Halifax
THOMPSON Edward, b. Leeds
THOMPSON Joseph Valentine Beckett, b. YKS
WEATHERILL Walter, b. Scarborough (2 entries)

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