23 September 2010

Borthwick Institute research guides: new location

There is a new Web address for Borthwick Institute for Archives (University of York) research guides.

Currently (2010) their 'Leaflets Primarily for Genealogists' are:
  • A brief guide to genealogical sources at the Borthwick Institute
  • Parish Registers deposited at the Borthwick
  • Bishops Transcripts (Parish Register Transcripts) at the Borthwick
  • A guide to probate courts and jurisdictions
  • Simple Guide to Probate Jurisdiction
  • Probate Records: what kind of copy should I order?
  • Understanding York Probate Act Books - administrations and probate acts)
  • Understanding York Probate Act Books - tuitions, curations and caveats
  • Understanding Marriage Bonds and Allegations
  • Records of birth, marriages and death after 1837 (Civil Registration)


  1. Judy,
    Thank you for the link to the Borthwick! I know about it, but I'd never thought to check for a webpage -- duh...! With just one quick look, I see that it's going to help with my current problems in Weaverthorpe/Helperthorpe and all the jurisdictions. Who knows what else I'll find!

  2. I'm delighted to hear that you found the link helpful. I have never been to the Borthwick but hope to get there on a future trip to the UK.


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