06 May 2016

Yorkshire folk in Cooktown Hospital

Here are a few names of Yorkshire-born people from the records of Cooktown hospital in far north Queensland, Australia, between 1888 and 1900. These are just a few that I noticed, and there will be many more, so check the list of patients' names. Hospital records contain a wealth of personal and biographical detail, as explained below.

  • ADAMSON Hannah Maria, born Scarborough (father: Benjamin)
  • BRAYSHAW Levi, born Yeadon (father: James)
  • CAMERON Nicolas, born Sheffield (married in Africa)
  • COCKROFT Henry, born Huddersfield
  • FLAVIN Ellen (or FLAVEN), born Sheffield
  • RHODES Mary, born Easingwold (father: Charles, of Leeds)
  • SMITH Richard, born Bradford

Register entries are not always complete, but there is provision for these details:

  • name
  • date admitted
  • age
  • birthplace
  • occupation
  • religion
  • ship of arrival
  • how long in colony
  • place of residence
  • marital status
  • place of marriage, and at what age
  • spouse's name
  • names and ages of children living
  • number and gender of children deceased
  • father's name and occupation
  • father's present residence if living (or 'father dead')
  • mother's given name and maiden surname
  • disease or reason for admission
  • date of discharge, or date and cause of death
  • sometimes additional remarks (medical history, social circumstances etc.)

Note that ship of arrival, place of residence, marital status and father's present residence are *not* shown on a Queensland death certificate; and a hospital register is sometimes the only surviving source of information about immigration.

To find out how to obtain photocopies of the hospital registers, see 'Copying Service' below the list of names from Cooktown Hospital admission registers.

(This post first appeared on http://my-yorkshire-genealogy.blogspot.com/2016/05/yorkshire-folk-in-cooktown-hospital.html.)

08 February 2016

ASHTON and MATTHEW families (Yorkshire)

One of the current 'dead ends' in my family tree is Kitty (or Catherine) ASHTON.

Kitty was born in Yorkshire, England, probably in the late 1770s. She married Peter MATTHEW in 1803, and died sometime after the 1861 census. Associated surnames include HUDSON and LEAPER, and perhaps BOWER, HARWOOD and MOUNTAIN. Possible spelling variants for her married name include MATHEW, MATHEWS and MATTHEWS.

If you have an interest in (or references to) any of those surnames in Barton-le-Willows, Crambe, Kirby Misperton or Swinton (but which Swinton?!), I'd love to swap information with you. For more details see Jottings, Journeys and Genealogy.

Peter Matthew and Kitty Ashton marriage register entry
Parish register of marriages, Kirby Misperton, held by North Yorkshire County Record Office
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